Software Engineer

This is where your journey to become a Software Engineer begins. Here you will find a series of articles that will build one into another to give you solid foundations. 

Follow along, solve the exercises, practice on extra project ideas given in the articles, and enjoy the ride!

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Become a Software Engineer

This is a nice easy-to-read article to give you an idea of what you can expect from this series and make sure this is the correct path for you.

algorithms cover

Algorithms, Logical Flow and Variables (theory)

We enter into the world of algorithms. You will learn about variables and the 4 basic blocks to create all the algorithms out there.

Basic Algorithms and Exercises

You will code your first algorithms and work with variables and arithmetic operations. Lets go!

Arrays and Loops

Arrays and Loops

I will teach how to handle groups of variables as arrays and make cycles that repeat actions (loops)

Linked lists

Linked Lists

You will learn the basics of Linked Lists, the pros, and cons of dynamic vs static data structures.

Object-Oriented Programming

OOP Fundamentals

You will learn all the basics building blocks and fundamentals behind Object-Oriented Programming.