Front-End Dev

This is where your journey to become a Front-End Developer begins. Here you will find a series of articles that will quickly take you from zero to building websites with HTML and CSS in a matter of weeks. 

Follow along, do the exercises, practice on extra project ideas given in the articles, and enjoy the ride!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on my Twitter: @MattCodeJourney. And please if you enjoy the content make sure to share it with your friends in social media.


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front-end dev

Become a Front-End Developer

This is a nice easy-to-read article to give you an idea of what you can expect from this series and make sure this is the correct path for you.

What is HTML

Let´s learn HTML

We enter into the world of web development. You will learn all the basics about HTML and get comfortable with the boiler plate tags.


How to use CodePen?

I will show you what CodePen is, how to use it, and take advantage of the online editor and community to help you grow.

VS Code

Install & Config VS Code

I will guide you to Install, Configure and understand Visual Studio Code, the most popular text editor/ tool for developing front-end.


HTML: Structure and Content

You will learn all the tags necessary to build the structure and content of your websites!

Forms and Navbars

HTML: Forms & Navbars

I will teach you to build rich forms and the importance of navbars!